Since Forest Rescue formed a partnership with FERN to form the Lorax, environmental activism has flourished in WA.

In that time our activities were pivotal in driving Woodside from James Price Point in Broome. We were successful in saving the Healy Road Tree. We have also defended many native forests and helped halt the slaughter of sharks in the controversial Shark Cull program. More recently we have been heavily involved on the frontline in the successful  Beeliar Wetlands campaign.

By having a place to “exist” we have been more effective than ever before. We have had a base for fundraising to enhance our actions. We have joined an international campaign and conducted actions to save the last remaining habitat of the Sumatra Rhino, Tiger and Elephant. We have engaged in a wider variety of campaigns than ever before.

 We have provided a major hub for most non-violent direct intervention campaign’s  in Western Australia.

When push comes to shove, we will continue to stand in front of those who seek to plunder the earth. For more information contact Simon on 0422535328.

Fremantle Environmental Resource Network

26 Montreal St, Fremantle, WA, 6160