Heaven Raw Cafe

The Heaven Raw Cafe, located center of FERN and center in all our hearts, is open from 8:30am to 4pm, Tuesday to Sunday, delicious vegan and raw meals. See the menu below for a selection of our tantalizing range.

Heaven Raw Cafe


Juices - $7.00
Blood Cleanser – Celery, kale, apple, lemon and ginger
Liver Tonic – Beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger

Smoothies - $7.00
Green – Kale, celery, apple, lemon and banana
Choc-Banana – Banana, almonds, vanilla, cacao and dates
Protein – Banana, vanilla, dates, almonds and plant protein powder
Fruit – Banana, strawberries, apple and orange

Cold-pressed Coffee - $4.50
Chai Latte – Cold-pressed coffee, chai spice, cashews, vanilla and coconut nectar
Mocha Latte – Cold-pressed coffee, cacao powder, vanilla, coconut nectar and cashews


It’s 50 cents less if you bring your own reusable takeaway cup!

Organic Tea - $4.00 pot of tea for one
Rooibos . English Breakfast . Lemongrass . Ginger . Lemon Verbena
Chamomile . Green (Buddha’s Tears) . Lavender
Peppermint . Chai (Black or Herbal)
We have almond/cashew milk or soy milk available.
Sweeteners are raw sugar or coconut sugar.

Organic, Fair Trade Coffee - $4.00 (double shot, mug sized)
Decaf available. We have almond/cashew milk or soy milk available.
Sweeteners are raw sugar or coconut sugar.

Latte - $4.00
Chai . Green Tea . Rooibos . Dandelion

Hot Chocolate $4.00
Regular . Mexican Spiced


Meals - $15.00 with side salad, $11.00 without

Pizza – 2 slices of pizza with a walnut, zucchini, herb and flaxseed base, and cashew cheese, our own tomato paste, marinated mushrooms, olives, capsicum, onion, nut sour cream and basil

Enchilada – Soft taco made from corn, zucchini and capsicum with salad, cashew cheese, capsicum dip, avocado and nut sour cream topped with sundried tomato

The Zoom Burger – Dehydrated onion bread with a dehydrated mushroom and veggie patty with cashew cheese, ketchup and salad

Italian Wrap – Spinach, flaxseed and sundried tomato wrap filled with cashew cheese, tomato paste, olives, basil and salad

Mexican Wrap – Pumpkin, corn, flaxseed and sundried tomato wrap with filled with cashew cheese, capsicum dip and salad

Falafels – Falafels are almond-based with carrot, celery, tahini, cumin and coriander served with cashew cheese, capsicum dip and salad

Quiche and Salad – Quiche is almond - based with garam masala and filled with cashew cheese, capsicum dip, capsicum, olives and basil

Raw Sandwich – Dehydrated onion bread with cashew cheese, olives, sauerkraut and salad

Salads - $13.00
Salad Plate – Everything we have! Mixed greens, kale, red cabbage, salad onion, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, sprouts, savoury seeds, balsamic dressing and a tahini dressing with avocado and onion bread

Raw Zucchini Pasta – Fresh-made zucchini noodles with two sauces, olives, and basil

Kids Meals - $10.00
All Kids Meals come with a bliss ball and a choice of drink - small apple juice, small orange juice, or small fruit smoothie

The Funky Chicken - 2 falafals, dip

The Pussycat - A slice of pizza

The Peacock – Flax crackers with cashew - nut cheese


Vegan bowl - $10.00

Rice with two or three vegan dishes with a small salad

Homemade Soup
Mug - $4.00
Bowl - $6.00
With a Roll - $7.50

Vegan Burgers - $7.00 - $10.00

Small - $8.00
Large - $10.00


Raw Cakes - $7.00

Check the cake fridge or ask what’s available!

Raw dehydrated cookies - $5.00
Vanilla Macaroon . Chocolate Ginger Macaroon . Cacao Chip Cookie

Raw Chocolates - $4.50
Venus . Trix . Cherry . Coconut Fudge . White Truffle

Bliss Balls - $3.00


Enjoy Heaven Raw Café at home!

Whole Raw Pizza - $29.00
Pizza Bases - $18.00
Whole Cheesecakes from $65.00
Onion Bread - $2.00 a slice
Granola – small - $8.00, large - $12.00
Kale Chips - $5.00
Flax Crackers - $4.00


Classes run Sundays 9am until 10.30am and are $50.00 per person, booking advised.
Call Karen at 0418 742 917 to make a booking or enquire about our two week Raw Chef courses.

1st Sunday of each month
Intro to Raw Food – Learn to make green drinks, chia porridge, raw nori and bliss balls

2nd Sunday of the month
Dehydrating – Learn to make bread, crackers and wraps

3rd Sunday of the month
Family Raw – Learn to make lasagne, pizza, cookies and ice-cream

4th Sunday of the month
Desserts – Learn to make cheesecakes, ganache and pancakes