Q: How can I make a donation?


A: You can become a member (members receive a discounted rate on classes, and are able to vote for board members), send a donation via paypal to paypal@fern.org.au, or come in and make a cash donation in our donation jar. It is a very nice jar, and while you are looking at it you can also enjoy the rest of FERN!

You can also get involved with FERN by sharing your time, skills, and passions.


Q: How are donation proceeds distributed?


A: 100% of all donations will be spent on FERN upkeep and FERNs running costs unless otherwise stated.


Q: Can I write any donations off on my taxes?


A: You can only make tax deductible gifts or donations to organisations that have the status of deductible gift recipients (DGRs). At this moment FERN is not a deductible gift recipient, but we keep you updated when this will be changed.


Q: Can I organise my own event at FERN?


A: FERN provides a platform for events that create awareness about sustainability and a livable world. If you have plans for an event at FERN, please contact the event manager and send in your event plan (include date, times, type of event, indicate if there will be music or other loud noises, if the event will be free or with an entrance charge, and contact details of organiser, etc.)

Not-for-profit events can use FERN without charge.


Q: How can I volunteer for FERN?


A: There are plenty of ways to get involved at FERN! Please take a look at the Get Involved page.


Q: Why do birds suddenly appear every time I'm at FERN?


A: Because everyone at FERN is a lovely person, and birds also like the trees.


Fremantle Environmental Resource Network

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